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Road bike in Billund Cykelmotion

From mid/late March until the fall holidays, we offer group training on road bikes.

Road bike training

Although we come to training sessions with different levels of experience, we share a common desire to train with others and have fun on our bikes.

Our routes vary from one session to the next and incorporate different types of terrain. The routes heading west out of town are quite flat, while others heading north from Billund are somewhat hilly, and those heading east into Vejle Ådal encounter bigger climbs.

In addition to the weekly training rides which start and end at Kærhusvej 4, 7190 Billund, Denmark, we also organize a few additional special events throughout the year.

Training sessions

Tuesdays: 18:00 – 20:00
Thursdays: 18:00 – 20:00
Sundays: 10:00 – 13:00


Why are we riding road bikes in BICM?

Cycling has gained popularity across Denmark in recent years, including here in Billund. Some of our seasoned members have been racing together for many years, while others have only recently joined.

Regardless of background or experience, what we all have in common is that we come to the club to have fun – and we think you should try it with us.

What equipment should I have

The bike

Of course, a thoroughbred touring bike would be nice to own – but less can do. We don’t have any requirements for your equipment, as long as you’re comfortable on it.

What to wear

Our only requirement is that you choose comfortable cycling suitable for the weather conditions

What is the pace?

When we train on a road bikes at BICM, it is usually at 4 standard paces.

We have an easy class that anyone, regardless of fitness level, can join.

Then we have an advanced class, which requires you to have been on a bike before and practice regularly.  

And we have 2 advanced classes, which require you to keep your training up to date and where you often have to work hard.


Useful information

Always bring the following, whether it’s for training or you want to race.

  • Helmet & cell phone
  • Weather-appropriate clothes
  • Good lights in case of darkness
  • Extra tube in case of a puncture
  • Pump and/or CO2 cartridge
  • Plenty of fluids / energy drink

Road bike

We train in different groups so that all can have fun at their individual level.

MTB & Youth

We offer year-round MTB training for all ages, with groups for adults (16+ years old) as well as children (7+ years old).

Races & Trips

We organize local MTB races and tours throughout the year and travel to participate in various races across the country.

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