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Become a volunteer in Billund Cykelmotion

Volunteer work

Billund Cykelmotion lives from volunteer helpers and work: our instructors, members of the board, helpers for races, events or those who are looking to ensure that we always have nice club clothes, are passionate about cycling, having fun and love the community in the club.

Therefore, we always welcome new people who want to make a difference and contribute to the community and the club in Billund and the surrounding area.

It may be that you as a parent of a child in the club would like to join as a coach or assistant coach.

Or you want to help with the organization of events or bike races. 

Or you are a young person who needs to do volunteer work for school.

We look forward to all the help we can get to offer Cykelmotion to even more children and adults here in Billund.

Many thanks and write to us if you would like to help.

Volunteering in our cycling club

You could help us with/as:

  • Coach / assistant coach for youth MTB
  • Helper for cycling races
  • Helper at parties and events

Road bike

We train in different groups so that all can have fun at their individual level.

MTB & Youth

We offer year-round MTB training for all ages, with groups for adults (16+ years old) as well as children (7+ years old).

Races & Trips

We organize local MTB races and tours throughout the year and travel to participate in various races across the country.

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