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Statutes of Billund Cykelmotion

1  Name and registered office  

The association Billund Cykelmotion, which is based in Billund municipality, was founded on 25.3.2002. The association is affiliated with Dansk Cykel Union under Danmarks Idræts-Forbund (DIF) and is subject to their laws and regulations. 

2  Purpose of the association  

The purpose of the association is to engage in cycling activities and, based on the community and social life in the club, to spread the knowledge of this sport.

3  Membership and enrollment

The board may admit as a member anyone who wishes to join the club.

Registration must be made in writing by filling in the contact form on the club’s website. For members under the age of 18, the registration form must be signed by a parent or guardian and sent to

4  Withdrawal

Resignations can be made in writing to the treasurer.

Resignation can only be accepted if the member has no outstanding financial debts with the association.

Failure to pay the membership fee on April 1 is considered a resignation.

There are no refunds in the event of resignation.

5  Membership fee 

The membership fee is set at the annual general meeting. The form of collection is determined by the board. The payment deadline is April 1.

The membership fee must be paid before participation in the club’s activities can take place.

6  Exclusion and expulsion

A member may be excluded or expelled if he or she acts to the detriment of the association, or if the member has breached his or her membership obligations in a particularly serious manner. In both cases of exclusion and expulsion, the member is entitled to be heard before the board makes its decision.

In cases of exclusion, the member is entitled to have the case decided at the next general meeting and that the case is placed on the agenda as a special item. A general meeting’s decision on an expulsion requires the same majority as when amending the association’s articles of association.

7  Ordinary general meeting

The general meeting is the supreme authority of the association in all matters. The Annual General Meeting is held once a year before the end of February.

All members of the association, as well as anyone invited by the board, are entitled to attend the general meeting. All members who are of legal age have the right to vote.

Voting can only take place in person.

The general meeting shall be convened with at least 4 weeks’ notice by posting a notice in the media used at any given time, stating the time, place and preliminary agenda.

Proposals to be considered at the annual general meeting must be submitted in writing to the board of directors no later than 2 weeks before the general meeting. The Board of Directors may block a proposal. If proposals have been received, these shall be forwarded to the members together with the agenda and the audited accounts so that they are received by the members no later than one week before the general meeting.

A duly convened general meeting constitutes a quorum regardless of the number of attendees.  

8  Agenda 

The agenda for the annual general meeting must include at least the following items:

  1. Election of chairman and secretary
  2. Election of auditor and deputy auditor
  3. The board of directors’ report for the past year
  4. Presentation of the audited accounts for the past year for approval
  5. Presentation of the board’s budget proposal for the coming year for approval 
  6. Determination of membership fees
  7. Consideration of proposals received 
  8. Election of the board of directors. Cf. § 11  
  9. Election of 1st and 2nd deputy to the board. Both only for one year at a time
  10. MISC. 

9  Management of the general meeting etc. 

The general meeting elects its chairman, who may not be a member of the board. The chairman decides questions about voting. Voting takes place in writing if one or more members so request. 

Decisions are made by a simple majority of votes. However, amendments to the articles of association and the dissolution of the association require a qualified majority – cf. § 15 and § 16. 16. 

Members who have reached the age of 18 are eligible for election to the board.

The board ensures that minutes are taken of the general meeting’s decisions. The minutes are approved and signed by the chairman.  

10  Extraordinary general meeting

An extraordinary general meeting may be convened at any time by the Board of Directors and must be convened when at least one fifth of the Association’s voting members submit a written request to the Board of Directors, stating the subject to be discussed.

The general meeting must be held no later than 4 weeks after receipt of the request. The same provisions as for the annual general meeting shall apply with regard to requirements for convening, chairing the meeting, voting, etc.

11  Board of Directors – Election

The board is the association’s daily management and represents the association in all matters. The board may set up necessary committees to carry out ongoing or individual tasks.

The board has a quorum in all matters concerning transactions over DKK 5000 when at least 5 members are present. Minutes are taken of the board’s meetings.  

The board is elected at the annual general meeting as follows:  

Members: 4 members are elected in odd years for a 2-year period. 3 members are elected in even years for a 2-year period.  

The board constitutes itself at the first board meeting after the annual general meeting with chairman, vice-chairman, treasurer and secretary.

The board may use a treasurer from outside the board.

If a member of the board resigns prematurely, the first alternate member will join the board until the next general meeting. A new member is then elected for the remainder of the term of office. The board of directors then constitutes itself anew at the next board meeting.

12  Rules of procedure and signing rights

The Board of Directors determines its own rules of procedure.  

DMinutes shall be kept of the board’s deliberations and financial transactions. The association is signed by 5 board members.  

In the case of financial transactions exceeding DKK 5000, the presence of 5 board members is required and it is recorded in the minutes.

Only the club’s assets are liable for the obligations entered into by the board on behalf of the club.

The treasurer may dispose of the club’s accounts in connection with transactions carried out via online banking, mobile banking and possibly credit cards.

13  Accounting 

The association’s financial year is the calendar year.

No later than 2 weeks before the annual general meeting, the board must submit the operating accounts for the previous year and the status as of December 31 to the auditor.

The operating accounts and balance sheet shall be presented to the annual general meeting for approval and must be endorsed and signed by the auditor.

14  Auditing 

At the annual general meeting, an auditor and a deputy auditor shall be elected for one year at a time. Every year in February, the auditor shall review the overall accounts and ensure that the inventories are present. The form of audit is an accounting audit, and the operating accounts and balance sheet are provided with an endorsement. The auditor has access to inspect the accounts and inventories at any time.

The board of directors in cooperation with the treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the accounts.

15  Amendments to the Articles of Association  

Amendments to the Articles of Association may be made at any general meeting when at least 2/3 of the votes cast are in favor of the proposal.  

With regard to voting requirements, the same provisions apply as for the annual general meeting. 

16  Dissolution of the Association

A decision to dissolve the Association can only be made at an extraordinary general meeting specially convened for this purpose.

In order for this to constitute a quorum, at least 2/3 of the association’s voting members must be present. In order for the proposal to be adopted, at least 3/4 of the votes cast must be in favor of the proposal. If such a majority is obtained at a general meeting that does not constitute a quorum, a new general meeting shall be convened where a decision can be made with the above-mentioned majority of votes, regardless of the number of voting members present. At the general meeting, a decision must also be made on how to deal with the association’s assets, including any real estate and movable property.

Articles of Association approved at the general meeting 2022.

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